It’s final week of GSOC and I have already implemented all the project idea. I want the project to be as descriptive as possible and very easy to understand. Let’s have a look at GItter-ChatBot’s functionalities one more time.

1. Welcoming a new user when they send their first message. If message does not contain any skill/interest of the user, ask the user to provide the same.

Imagine a world where not even a single application owning a database to store some useful assets. Not, it’s not even possible to imagine as your mind itself is a great way of one-way database (You know how to remember but don’t know how to forget). So, in this blog post I’ll tell you why database for the Gitter-ChatBot and how I started with SQL but ended up using MongoDB. Let’s query into it, shall we?

Just a small spoiler, I’ll not talk about SQl vs NoSQL !_!

The need for the database

Gitter-ChatBot needs it to store all the community projects that it will…

“I am programmed to help everyone who needs me anytime” — Gitter-ChatBot (bot)

This is a story of a kind bot that is eager to respond to any human appearing new to him in the village. He spends his time with his wide open ears looking for someone to join his play with a MongoDB database. This blog is all about on how he reached at this stage. With your mind free from any music, bring some snacks and read this story while imagining the scenes in your head. So, let’s go /`/`.

The God who send this bot on…

“Code defines functions, Unit-testing defines quality.”

If I need to define my GSoC journey so far in a single word, I would say “learning”. From coding in new libraries and packages to improving code quality, I have learned it all.

In phase-1 of my coding period, I have implemented all the core features. So, for phase-2, my main focus is on writing clean code, implementing unit-testing, writing good documentation, and fixing bugs. In this blog, I’ll talk about code quality, file structure and unit-testing. So, let us begin, shall we?

Initially, the source code of the project was just in…

Image by Mayank Meena

“To question is human, to help divine.”
In my previous blog, I discussed the successful delivery of senses (listening to the messages and posting default answers in the Gitter channel) to the Gitter chat-bot. In this article, I will deep dive into creating the chat-bot’s BRAIN. This blog is highly focused on giving all the necessary details about the requirements, challenges, and tasks I achieved in the Phase-1 coding period. So, let us import!

The Plan

My plan was to first recognize a new contributor, extract their skills/interests, and suggest some community projects.

The journey of five weeks

Recognizing the…

In this blog, I will share my GSoC’21 community bonding experience with the SCoRe Lab community. A community bonding period exists to know more about the project idea, finalising the project milestones, tech stack and timeline. So let us begin, shall we?

What is my project, and precisely what’s its use?

My project aims to create an open-source Gitter Chatbot that could guide the new contributors with the community’s open-source projects. COOL!

It is so awesome to have a “live machine” that could listen to your queries, do some CRUD in the DB and get back to you with a…

My GitHub with the “Pro” tag.

“Learn to ship software like a pro.” Well, this is how GitHub says it.
Let’s begin. I recently achieved something new, which is significant for me.
Yes, the “Pro” tag on my GitHub. The remarkable talk is, it is much more than a purple sticker. First of all, you can Show off to your friends, “You boi, I am Pro”.

GitHub Student Developer Pack

As I have told you, it is much more than a purple sticker, but precisely what? Well, it comes into the picture when we talk about GitHub Student Developer Pack. Which is made to give students free access to…


GSoC’21 | Sophomore at IIT Roorkee

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